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                                         the  Muse


Muse (/myooz/) : a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.


With nearly 25 years of experience as a professional Makeup Artist,  I am always complimented when someone calls me a Muse. My career has been working with a mentor for five years, to owning a makeup boutique for 8 years to then working exclusively on nearly 50 feature films and hit television shows.  These services are for the busy women to have their own muse when the need calls for it. Whether you're looking to learn new techniques and new looks for your makeup, to having it done professionally for any event in life, to eyebrow shaping , eyelash application, body makeup and tattoo cover up,  this muse has you covered!

Makeup Applications       $125

Sit back. Relax. You're in the muses' hands. Have the professional apply the appropriate products to achieve your desired look. You will be set for the evening or event and you didn't even have to bat an eye...okay maybe once. 

Eyebrow Shaping               $45

Do your brows have the best shape for your beautiful face? Let the professional finally give you your best brow, and show you how to enhance them when needed. 

Eyelashes                     $10-35
Makeup Lessons              $250

Get ready to be tested. Let the professional teach you what's great about your face! First we will go over what you aren't happy with. We will analyze the products you already own and help you figure out which to keep and which to toss. Next we will go over your makeup needs. Are you an Executive, a Teacher, a Waiter and therefore what type of looks should you be prepared for. Learn how to achieve the "No Makeup" look to the "Runway Look". We instruct you, coach you while you try it yourself and we leave you with an intensive chart to recap all that we discussed.  Finally learn the tricks, tools, and techniques specific to YOU!                    



IWhether you just need a few indidviduals, a bunch of individuals or a whole strip, we gotcha covered. Fake lashes are a great way to make sure that your lashes are perfect for your special event or hot date!

Body Bronze                 $35-50

We offer body makeup that will last for the night won't transfer but will wash off with a shower.

Tattoo Cover                   $35+

Have a Tattoo that needs to disappear for the evening? We can make it look like it never happend and it is absolutley waterproof!


Artist can be hired for Individuals, Parties,  Corporate Events, Commercials, Film or Televison. We have Artists that are not only freelances but also Union Members. 

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